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JanusirsasanaAs a Forrest Yoga teacher, I’m often asked about my gifts. More specifically, I’m asked how I can use my gifts to teach people how to live in a loving, vibrant way. A beauty way—part of what Ana Forrest calls Mending the Hoop of the People. Connecting to my gifts and using them as tools in my mission to heal (one of many missions in my life), starts with my own healing. Honoring and honing my gifts grounds me on my path and focuses me in a culture of ever-increasing distractions. Continue Reading →

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Seen (Part Two)

Pictures taken at the closing ceremony for the Sacred Shadow Self exhibit.




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Shadow SelfAs part of my commitment to my students, and to myself, I make a point of furthering my education and becoming more deeply connected to my authentic self. Especially after the shit-storm of information and challenges coming out of Forrest yoga teacher training, it was crucial that I sought support. So nine months ago, I began the Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program.

If you’ve never had a mirror in your life, I highly recommend you find one. I mean a Mirror. Capital “M.” In this mentorship program, I have three of them: Suzi Zorbrist, Kelley Rush and Willow Ryan.

See, I’m not someone who likes to surround herself with yes women/men. I’m also not someone who likes to see “truth” used as a weapon, as in an excuse to say something really horrible with the full intention of landing a direct, painful hit. And I’ve seen the grace(grate)ful mirror approach used beautifully since starting yoga. It’s not: “Good god, why do you have such low self-esteem? What’s wrong with you? It’s not like you [insert horrible worst-case life scenario], what do you have to be sad about?” It is: “Beloved one, who taught you to feel this way about yourself? You weren’t born with it; who planted this seed in you and when was it planted? You’re afraid to be seen, you have so much to offer. We want to see you; we want you to share your gifts.” Continue Reading →

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Photo cred: John Salvador "Tree Sap?"

Photo cred: John Salvador “Tree Sap?”

When I was younger and learning to read with starter series like The Saddle Club and Girl Talk, I misread the word “scarred,” thinking it was “scared.” A few decades and countless personal reincarnations since then, I don’t think I was too far off in my initial understanding. 

Through life, we crash into each other, we scar each other. We don’t mean to; until we learn better, it’s unavoidable. Scar tissue, in the magical way of the human body, is created for self-preservation. There is an injury and the open wound will bleed out if left to its own devices, so scar tissue is formed. It will always be an important part of the healing path, and it will always be a reminder of injury.  Continue Reading →

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The Formula for Change

Leaf Change

Photo cred: Ablow Rasheed “Changes.”

There’s a running dialogue in our mind… all the time. Unless you’re enlightened, it never isn’t there (sleep, I suppose you could argue, but dreams still come up which are a manifestation of the same sub-conscious thoughts that run through a consciously awake body).

That dialogue has run my life. If it allows for possibilities, then possibilities prevail. If it only tells me about closed doors and windowless rooms, that’s all I can see and allow for. My relationship to that voice is what shapes my life. Its shape as apologetic, empowered, excited, drastic, sad, ecstatic, drained, sexy, alive is the exact shape that my life becomes.

Learning Ana Forrest’s Formula for Change is a tool to turn negative internal dialogue into something that works for me. And it’s so simple. Continue Reading →

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Expanding the ribcage with your breath is so simple that it’s hard to remember to do it. In my experience, no good decision has come from holding your breath and, in the words of Ana Forrest, “Without your breath, you’re dead.”


Pranayama: Expanding the Ribs from Yogini Es on Vimeo.

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Cred: Taro Taylor "The Path to Enlightenment."

Cred: Taro Taylor “The Path to Enlightenment.”

When you don’t know exactly what you want, just head in the general direction of it.

I can’t tell you how much of my life I’ve spent wringing my hands, paralyzed to make the first move because I wanted everything to be perfectly planned out before taking any real action. What I’ve come to learn is that the planning is useful only insofar as it gives me confidence to take action. Continue Reading →

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I love Lion’s Breath, and not just on the yoga mat. I’ve learned to use it as a tool for shifting energy whenever it builds–in the car, after a confrontation (I try to avoid these in general, but life has its ways), and when my thoughts interfere with my confidence.

Lions2 from Yogini Es on Vimeo.


The Empress Line DrawingShe was broken when she went to the healing woman. Spirit concealed, course unsure and sense of self constantly in question. When a limited human mind dictates an entire belief system, it only takes a breeze to knock it down.

“Spirit sent you here,” the medicine woman said as she wove love and healing through the girl’s injured shoulder with her skilled masseuse’s hands. “It was the injury that got you to me, but we both know why you’re really here.” Continue Reading →

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enneagramThere are two new women in my life right now who I respect, am empowered by, and have an uncanny ability to deliver me similar messages even though they don’t know each other.

Last week, A encouraged me to experiment with vulnerability in my life. When I met K two hours later, she said in no uncertain terms that vulnerability is the source of personal power.

Hmm. Maybe they’re trying to tell me something.

When you’re on an inspired path, synchronicity becomes a little less surprising while it becomes more and more affirming. Empowering. Liberating. Exciting.

Yet I was still surprised when A encouraged me to explore enneagrams and three days later K asked me if I’d ever heard of enneagrams.

I know when to take a hint. Continue Reading →

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